Share Audio

Audioboo lets you easily share audio with friends across Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and many other major social networks

Once recorded, simply share your audio with followers by uploading it to your Audioboo. There are over 700,000 active Audioboo users sharing over 1 million audio clips, any of which can listen to the podcast or sounds you’ve captured. If your audio is popular, it might trend on the Audioboo homepage or if it stands out to us, it may even become one of our featured clips.

Share audio to other social networks too so friends and family without an Audioboo profile can hear your news and respond. Audioboo is tightly integrated with Twitter, Facebook and Google+ and you can even automatically post all of your audio to these social platforms. All posts can be tweeted, liked and +1’d meaning anyone can endorse your content and share it with their own network.

What’s more, Audioboo is being hailed as the new social network for blind and visually impaired people. Being able to share online with friends and family isn’t always so simple when text, images or video is involved, but with Audioboo, those with impaired sight can simply record voice updates.

If you blog or have your own website, readers can easily listen to the audio you have created when you embed the audio clip on to a page. That’s why Audioboo is great for brands, celebrities, media outlets and individuals alike.