About Audioboo


Audioboo is a tool for audio producers to record, upload and share audio.

We believe in the power of the spoken word to inspire, inform and connect people across the globe. We also believe in giving everyone the opportunity to air and share, from international broadcasters to individual audio micro bloggers.

A boo is made up of any clip of audio, a picture, a location, a title and a description. Broadcasters, Newspapers, Sports networks, Podcasters, Educators and local and community organisations all use boos to increase audience reach. They can easily share audio on Facebook, Twitter and other platforms, embed playlists onto their sites, and use our mobile apps and widgets as listen again players.

We also have a highly active and engaged visually impaired community for whom we function as a social network.

We are:

CEO: Robert Proctor

CTO: Jonathan del Strother

US MD: Cynthia Francis

Head of Content: Amanda Brown

Head of Education: Lucy Carter

Head of Product: Lance Paterson

Design: Steven Hooley

Legal: Rosalind Archer

Content Team:
Susie Warhurst, Marc Webber, Adrian Larkin, Tasha Proctor

PR: Charlotte O'Connor