Two Germanies, one family (2)

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After talking about the disadvantages of my family being split up by the East German Wall, I've found there were also some benefits for us.
(These are my memories and opinions; please take with a large pinch of salt.)
10 months ago

I wish more of my family listened to my audio snippets. As far as I can tell, only one daughter dials in to my flow, none of my 17 first cousins do. I've flown away to the Motherland but have so many perspectives from the lands of our forebears. I wish our family ties were stronger so we'd enjoy shared conversations.

topgold 9 months ago


Sm2n: are you sure, Darling, checked trousers? Not gelbe Lederhosen? ;-)
Mac: thank you, and that's exactly what I want to do -- make sure I don't take these stories to the grave. There may well be more. :-)
syzygy: Thank you, james! I enjoyed that visit too. I made a very good friend there. :-)

jn2n 10 months ago


Wonderful! I very much enjoyed the bit about the visit to Munchen-Gladbach :)

syzygy 10 months ago


Great to hear this Jana, and your previous boo !
These 'recordings' are what myself, and people like @topgold & others, have been discussing about stories/experiences/family histories etc - that are often ( in Bernies' words ) 'taken to the grave ' . Wonderful to hear your family tales.
More please :))

macolgan 10 months ago


Phil, wow, of course, the Koreans have had to deal with this too, and still do. Would be fascinating to hear how it's worked for them.

jn2n 10 months ago


I went to West Germany in 1986 and stayed in a youth hostel. Like you, I realised that West German teenagers were just like us – only with checked trousers.

sm2n 10 months ago