Laziness and bananas (3)

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(These are my memories and opinions; please take them with a large pinch of salt.)
10 months ago

Thank you, Ian. I'm glad you've been enjoying these stories. 'Life was good except for what was very bad' -- I like that. Sums it up really well. The book sounds very interesting, especially with the added dimension of having been written by an Australian. Thank you for the tip. :-)

jn2n 9 months ago


I agree with Nick, james and Ian.

sm2n 10 months ago


Stunning Jana. I've just discovered you due to @daylightgambler and am riveted by these AudioBoos. For interest a friend of mine in Berlin sent me a book (The Bicycle Teacher – about life in East Berlin before, during and after the fall of the wall. Fiction but based on the facts of the time. It was a great insight for me of what it was really like there back in the day. These stories of yours are completely in sync with what was in the book and that life was good except for what was very bad.

iankath 10 months ago


Thank you, james. This one was a bit of a fruit salad! ;-)

jn2n 10 months ago


Another really interesting insight - especially about the rubbish oranges!

syzygy 10 months ago


Thank you, Nick!

jn2n 10 months ago