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over 2 years ago, Stockton-on-Tees, England

Sair, you've made me laugh! That's special - laughter's special, and so are you. :) Keep it up, and things will look up. Trust me. :D

boosounds over 2 years ago


Thank you all for your comments both written and PMd. I appreciate them very much indeed.

I only managed to stay away from followed boos for a couple of days. I've been following all the booed subjects - vinyl, origins of man, unruly dogs, 33 cantos, beogram, son leaving home/dog, etc. etc. because I'm essentially interested in you all - basically just a nosey cow!

And to finish with... if a group of people who converse via Twitter meet, they call it a tweet up. If Paul, Grace, Rob, Mac, Simon Yana, Stefano, Sassy, Chris et al met up would it be a boot-up? Heh. :-)

Sair over 2 years ago


I agree with Simon, your boos are not all "me, me, me" ..not only that but most of everyone's boos are filled with content relating only to themselves..this is a form of blog...there are NO rules in blogging. Blogs can be whatever the author decides to share with their audience. I wish you the best, Sair.

SassyCat over 2 years ago


I'd like to thank you for the boos you've done. I've enjoyed and/or learned from and/or been helped by them, and I certainly didn't find them all to be 'me me me'. So I respect your decision, and I thank you.

sm2n over 2 years ago