OverPhlow May 30, 2012 ft. Lee Newton

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DeFranco and Lee talk about news and then answer questions. #defranco #overphlow #philip #sxephil #LeeNewton
over 2 years ago

The negotiator always gets the last word LOL. I frakkin love you guys

proteuseffects over 2 years ago


Really dig these Phil. You should do a weekly podcast with you and some of the staff of Defranco Inc. It doesn't even have to be any of the people who are typically in front of the camera. There are quite a few other companies who do the same and they tend to be my favorite piece of content they produce. Just throwing it out there ;) Thanks for doing these!

CarsonTheTuna over 2 years ago


im so glad you posted this lee. Shes one of mine and my boyfriends favorite sourcefed members and i really enjoyed getting to know about her more. So much respect gained for her and what shes been through she's a strong women. Also the fact that she has brains and humor is amazing.

torngrocerybag over 2 years ago


Just found you guys early Monday morning and LERVE your stuff! I get it on Youtube and share on the FB! So I found out TODAY that I only have one friend SO FAR that enjoys you as well but I am sure a few more will like you as well cuz some of them have kids your ages...
Most of my friends are MILF's but I am the BAMF MILF!!! LOL!
I like your styles! You and Sourcefed deliver the CRAZY stories in a way that leaves me astounded but not depressed and not fearful of grocery shopping during daytime hours (except for Senior Discount days) because I live in a "The Hills Have Eyes" type of small, ultra-conservative small town.
Thanks for importing reason and sanity to us in the small towns...
Someday I'll drive the transport truck through the economic gates and get to better better... Till then keep a light on, say Hello to Lady DeFranco, Lee, Joe, Matt, The GOZ and the other Pretty Lady...Rock On and....SEND HELP!!!!! LOL!! Peace and Out!!!

Contessa over 2 years ago


This was great. Not only was it funny, but it also made me have so much more respect and appreciation for Lee. Please make more podcasts with Lee! :)

LindaMaria over 2 years ago


I REALLY like this. Much respect gained for Lee, for both the honesty and the things she was honest about.
Also, Joe could take it. It'd be like killing puppies if it were one of the others... He's probably maybe kind of I don't know perhaps my favourite, maybe? But he'd still have to die. o.o It has been decided.

Montee over 2 years ago