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    ShindigBreakfast FCUMRadio BenMarv AliceBabbs
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    • fcumradio This is a clip from Ben & Marv's Shindig Breakfast Show from 15 November 2010 on Tune in to hear Ben struggling with French as they introduce Continental Corner. This week, tensions start to show as the boys introduce Alice Babbs .... or is it Alison?
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    Shindig BenMarv FCUMRadio
    • fcumradio The opening moments from FCUM Radio. 16 August 2010 - the day that brings query to the notion of dead air being a crime. Brought to you by, only on
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    ShindigBreakfast FCUMRadio FCUnited Brighton BenMarv
    • fcumradio This is from The Shindig Breakfast Show for the week beginning the 29th of November 2010. The show was recorded on Thursday the 25th November, a couple of days before FC's FA Cup second round match against Brighton, so to stay current with their beloved audience, Ben and Marv got busy editing.