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    BFBS BritishForcesNews Catterick 1CloseSupportBattalionReme
    • BFBS Soldiers from 1 Close Support Battalion REME can now spend some of their spare time relaxing in a modern, revamped facility near the workshops on Megiddo Lines in Catterick. Mikaela Roche went to find out more…
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    ArmySchoolOfCeremonial ASC BFBS BritishForcesNews Catterick
    • BFBS Now for the second of two reports from the Army School of Ceremonial, which is based at the Infantry Training Centre in Vimy Barracks in Catterick. Mikaela Roche has been finding out how soldiers learn to play the drums, flute or bugle alongside their military training during an 18-week course.
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    BFBS BritishForcesNews Catterick CommunityCovenant
    • BFBS This Thursday civilians and military personnel will sign an Armed Forces Community Covenant in Catterick. The aim of the Community Covenant is to encourage local authorities, businesses and individuals to work together with veterans, reservists and service personnel and their families. North Yorkshire has been chosen as one of the first areas to sign up to a Community Covenant in recognition of the work that has already been achieved in the county. Mikaela Roche has been speaking to representatives from the military and local council to find out what the Covenant will mean for people living in the region…
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    BFBS BritishForcesNews Catterick LeCateauSchool
    • BFBS In January of this year members of the Armed Forces with a child attending a state school in England were asked to register them as a ’Service Child’ in the school’s annual census. The Pupil Premium Registration meant that the school would receive an additional £200 for each pupil from a service family. The funds are now being transferred into school budgets and to find out how the money will be spent, Mikaela Roche spoke to the Headmaster of Le Cateau Primary School in Catterick Garrison, which has more pupils from service families than any other school in North Yorkshire…
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    Activities BFBS BritishForcesNews Catterick
    • BFBS A number of playgroups are now available for young children in Catterick Garrison’s Outstations. Regional reporter Mikaela Roche has been finding out a few more details...
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    21EngineerRegiment BFBS BritishForcesNews Catterick
    • BFBS The units within 4th Mechanized Brigade are currently engaged in a period of training. Regional Reporter Mikaela Roche has been following the Black Rats as they progress through the year and prepare for exercises in Canada and Kenya. For her latest report she joined Ripon-based 21 Engineer Regiment as they were training in Catterick.
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    BFBS BritishForcesNews Catterick DogShow
    • BFBS Pampered pups and happy hounds have the chance to parade their waggy tails and tricks at the Catterick Garrison Children’s Dog Show on Sunday 26th June. The event will be held at Druggon House on Vimy Barracks and its in aid of SSAFA Forces Help. Mikaela Roche has been ‘walkies’ to the venue to find out more…
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    BFBS BritishForcesNews Catterick ArmySchoolOfCeremonial ASC
    • BFBS Vimy Barracks in Catterick is at the heart of the British Army’s Infantry Training Centre. In one corner of the camp is Scotton Hall, a former annexe for the Officers’ Mess, which was remodelled to become the home of the Army School of Ceremonial in 2005. Mikaela Roche has two reports about the School and the soldiers who are trained there. For Part One, she’s been finding out how the troops become musicians...
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    BFBS BritishForcesNews Catterick PlayDay
    • BFBS On Wednesday 3rd of August, families in Catterick Garrison are invited to enjoy National Play Day and the re-opening of Coronation Park. The park was identified as an ideal location for a naturalistic play area, and thanks to a grant of £49,000 from the North Yorkshire Play Partnership, new play equipment is transforming the space. Mikaela Roche reports…
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    BFBS BritishForcesNews Catterick StayConnected
    • BFBS Catterick’s Army Welfare Service has published its ‘Stay Connected’ programme for June, with activities and events for everyone in the garrison community. Mikaela Roche has been finding out what’s on offer...
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    BFBS BritishForcesNews Catterick CostaBravaExtremeRunning
    • BFBS Six members of staff from the Infantry Training Centre in Catterick are making their final preparations for the three-day Costa Brava Extreme Running Event being held in Spain from the 13th to the 15th of May. Mikaela Roche reports…
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    AFF BFBS BritishForcesNews Catterick
    • BFBS The Army Families Federation ‘Saying It How It Is’ tour is heading up to North Yorkshire in September. Mikaela Roche has the details…
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    BFBS BritishForcesNews Catterick FamiliesDay
    • BFBS This Saturday, 28th May, there’s a Families Day Extravaganza in Catterick Garrison. Mikaela Roche has more details...
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    BFBS BritishForcesNews Catterick VolunteersWeek StJohnSCommunityCentre
    • BFBS This year’s National Volunteers’ Week runs until the 7th of June. Mikaela Roche has been to the launch of a fundraising committee for St John’s Community Centre in Catterick Garrison, which needs volunteers to help with refurbishments and sit-in services…
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    BFBS MikaelaRoche Catterick BritishArmy RoyalEngineers
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    BFBS BritishForcesNews Catterick Summer
    • BFBS Catterick’s Army Welfare Service has launched a summer programme for July and August with a wide range of ideas to help families and youngsters in the garrison make the most of the holidays. Mikaela Roche has been finding out more…
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    ArmyWelfareService BFBS BritishForcesNews Catterick
    • BFBS A team from Catterick’s Army Welfare Service has been working on a project to improve one of the parks in the centre of the garrison. Families gathered in Coronation Park on 3rd August for the official opening of a new play area. Mikaela Roche went along…
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    BFBS BritishForcesNews Catterick H4H HelpForHeroes InkForHeroes
    • BFBS During the weekend of the 18th to the 19th of June a tattoo convention will be held at the Catterick Garrison Leisure Centre. Ink For Heroes will run from 10am until 10pm on the Saturday and 10am until 8pm on the Sunday and all proceeds from the event will go to Help For Heroes and The Royal British Legion. Mikaela Roche went to a tattoo studio in Richmond to find out more…
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    BFBS HelenCarter MikaelaRoche 3MedicalReg Catterick