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    Got a bit grumpy with Dell SMB customer service. Yep, I made a mistake but why not make it easy for a customer to remedy that problem....
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    • sm2n Good point James. That reminds me, Judy, we once got an undercooked Lasagne at Pizza Hut in Salisbury, but that was many many years ago...
    • syzygy I'm off to London to chain myself to a pizza. Awful, awful awful experience - but thank you for sharing it. The real shame is that there have been Pizza Huts we've been to that have had excellent service... amazing how easily it can be ruined... which brings me to the point: a store/restaurant is made or broken by the manager.
    • JacquelineB I LOVE this boo! They are not called LasagnaHut, lol lol lol
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    • JoelDrapper These mini podcasts are so great! I must get an iPhone. Can you use audioboo on an iPod Touch?
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    • carl_potentio Like this AudioBoo on Sky - my experience of Sky has been that they are pretty good when it comes to gaining my business but fail miserably when servicing my contract. I'm not surprised by your experience. Sky has so many call options when you contact them that it's almost comedic (if it wasn't so frustrating). Their focus is completely on what is convenient to them in terms of delivering a service rather than what will make a call easier for the customer. One of many complaints I have of Sky.
    • Janpotentio This is a report about my 'personal' experience with Sky since purchasing their TV, broadband and phone package October 2010. We've found Sky to be great at getting you in, getting the dish up and also supplying great TV. However there's been a lack of customer due care and attention in relation to Broadband and our phone issues. We were advise at the point of dish installment that we'd be hearing from Sky on the Broadband but we heard or received nothing. We are now receiving broadband from Sky having supplied them with a MAC code 3 months later but unless we had called them we could still be paying double for Sky broadband plus previous service provider. Baring in mind one of our motivations to move service provider was to save money we've now definitely gone way over what we were spending. While they have begun to address my concerns re: phone bill now, there was a distinct lack of follow through to investigate as they said they would do, 3 weeks after my first call to them there was no evidence of any investigation despite being advised to call back within 1-2 weeks for an update, which kinda makes me feel like i'm an inconvenience. I'll make it clear that the Sky employees on the phone come across as very helpful but there's a lack of follow through.. The call has also uncovered an 'alleged' acceptability within the telecommunications industry to relabel items on the bill that make many items unrecognizable to the customer. When i buy a pizza from a pizza house i don't expect to see pasta on the bill. Well apparently when I see cable and wireless on my bill that most likely means I called Sky. I was advised that most of the other unrecognizable calls on my bill are actually calls we have made but the destination number we called is not itemised. I do wonder whether this affects the sense of accountability for accuracy on the part of the telecommunications company. How can I properly track and check that my phone bill is correct if its itemised in this way? Lastly we have several calls that are still in dispute whereby 1-9 second calls duration cost us £1.50 x 4 calls within space of 4 mins. If we've made these calls i'll happily put my hands but as it stands I convinced we haven't. It appears to me that the total additional cost is coming to around £50 not including any cost of the long calls it takes when calling Sky. This report comes prior to full resolution and I will let you know if and when Sky respond satisfactorily by way of truly listening to me and addressing my concerns. I've tweeted a few times direct to Skyhd about this and I've had no response from them. I wonder if Sky will help me help them out here so that I can share some good stuff about them with my connections. all that said, thanks for fantastic TV service.
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    • davidvwood This was recorded by me on 20.10.10 at 11PM in Randogne
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    • carl_potentio We've added a few more things on People's Supermarket on the link in the comment below including a viral video on the store.
    • James_potentio Great, constructive info. Didn't see the programme on Sunday but really feel like I got a flavour of the shop, the ethos and the people and their passion. What's their website address? (Or I can Google it I guess!)
    • carl_potentio OK yes I know my Secret Shopping scores don't quite add up but realtime recordings can play havoc with simple math! We loved the experience and gave it an 8.5 for overall service. The supermarket lost a few points for staff being task-focused and a little customer neglect from stacking shelves at peak trade time. But this was blown out of the water by the commitment, passion and thoughtfulness of those we did speak to. Get every single member of staff revved up and it would have been 10/10. We will be back. There is lots more on the People's Supermarket at where we have collected articles, interviews, video and other materials on the initiative
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    • carl_potentio Have a listen to my personal experience as a private client of a well known firm. While I work in service development this AudioBoo recounts my own experience rather than my professional interest in great service provision. As I do work in service however and within the legal sector, I have chosen not to mention the name of the firm at all. A regular client however, may not have held back!
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    • carl_potentio Find the Banana Republic Boo that sparked this conversation here -
    • carl_potentio Cheers James. I agree. I'd like us to develop an edgier journalistic voice for our service reports. The AudioBoo's need to be informative and entertaining.
    • James_potentio Great addition to our social media tools and really easy way to bring real time service experience feedback to the world (and the provider if they're listening!)
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    Rocket ItalianFood Potentio Mayfair InternationalFood CustomerService FineWine
    • Janpotentio Thanks for listening to this audio boo about my experience at Rocket. To sum it up I'd say there were 5 customer perception touch points that worked for me: 1. On approach to the enclave of shops - candles and natural flame evoked a holiday feeling 2. The scent of quality italian/international food matched by the awesomely tasty/huge calzone and great wine - definitely satisfying 3. The attentive and dedicated waiter service - found him to be very helpful and friendly 4. The private room - facilitated a great atmosphere amongst us guests 5. The Rocket blankets outside in the lane was a nice surprise that exceeded our expectations and enabled us to finish the night with that holiday feeling once again. With all these awesome touch points I would definitely return and tell others about our experience.
    • Janpotentio Feel free to follow Potentio's service commentary here, email me directly at to see how you can differentiate your service, develop your people and wow your customers. Also if you're interested in providing feedback about service through our audioboo channel feel free to approach us about that too.
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