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    • daviddixon but its still imitating an official MS alert bar. its malware because its advertising is dishonest in its delivery (the good intent aside). Its not all too dissimilar from someone putting a fake versign logo into a https page to give that customer "more confidence". The logo itself doesn't mean anything (without the link etc to verify the certificate), but a casual user wont know that, its still statement of authority that they recognise, just as the MS alert bar is.
    • iamkeir I pretty much agree with you and really like your measured delivery. However, the biggest issue for me is that the info bar is deliberately imitating the IE information bar... and, although the aim is a good one, by imitating a source, this is 'phishing' behaviour and surely cannot be endorsed? I think the best thing is if the info bar was self-styled and linked to a page that explained why upgrading would be beneficial to the user (in terms of security/accessibility etc.) and then linked to IE 8. This could easily be part of an accessibility statement on a website making the info bar completely legitimate.
    • Japh "Its also completely misleading to the user as you its pretending to be a MS alert bar, which it isnt. For all a customer knows, this could be a link to a dangerous piece of malware etc, it gives the impression on authority where none exists, and therefore is in itself malware." This is a fairly extreme and inaccurate statement. It is an alert bar, and it is about a Microsoft product that is out of date, and links directly to Microsoft's own website.
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    • Japh Thanks for your reply, Jim! I'm glad you agree with my comments, I thought your script was a really great approach. I don't think any of us can afford to "drop support" for IE6 yet, but this gives us a much more graceful way to provide a slightly reduced experience with an explanation. Great work! :)
    • jimrhoskins Thanks for the comments Japh. W agree 100% with your comments. We designed IE6Update for IE6 users, and giving them a chance to upgrade to a new IE version seemed much more appropriate than trying to switch them to another browser (be it firefox/safari/chrome/etc...) We don't officially support switching out the link destination, and in fact we would discourage it, but if site owners really prefer to do that, that is their choice. Here is some more info about why we created IE6Update: -- Jim, One of the IE6update creators.