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    christmas CyndiLauper JanPulsford winter comedy silly
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    • janakyomoon The absurdly comical tale of Minnie and Santa as related by Cyndi Lauper with some help from Jan Pulsford and a cast of thousands. All very tongue in cheek from Cyndi's Xmas album
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    snow WalterDeLaMare winter JanaKyomoon JanPulsford
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    • janakyomoon i'm posting a month of music + words for winter festivals - music via and words via hope you enjoy! Happy Holidays!
    • janakyomoon Day 3 WoRDS 4 WiNTeR FeSTiVaLS 2010 Snow by Walter de la Mare No breath of wind, 
 No gleam of sun – 
Still the white snow 
 Whirls softly down 
 Twig and bough 
 And blade and thorn 
 All in an icy 
Quiet, forlorn. 
Whispering, rustling, 
 Through the air 
On still and stone, 
Roof, - everywhere, 
 It heaps its powdery 
 Crystal flakes, 
 Of every tree 
A mountain makes; Til pale and faint 
 At shut of day 
 Stoops from the West 
 One wint’ry ray, 
And, feathered in fire 
 Where ghosts the moon, 
 A robin shrills 
His lonely tune.
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    The Song Of Shadows  "Sweep thy faint strings, Musician, With thy long lean hand; Downward the starry tapers burn, Sinks soft the...
    • janakyomoon The Song Of Shadows  "Sweep thy faint strings, Musician, With thy long lean hand; Downward the starry tapers burn, Sinks soft the waning sand; The old hound whimpers couched in sleep, The embers smoulder low; Across the walls the shadows Come, and go. Sweep softly thy strings, Musician, The minutes mount to hours; Frost on the windless casement weaves A labyrinth of flowers; Ghosts linger in the darkening air, Hearken at the open door; Music hath called them, dreaming, Home once more." Walter de la Mare
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    CyndiLauper JanPulsford Christmas DecemberChild
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    • janakyomoon Day 4 WoRDS 4 WiNTeR FeSTiVaLS 2010 - DeCeMBeR CHiLD words and music by Jan Pulsford and Cyndi Lauper December was the tenth month of the old roman year. Musing on the first three letters of what is now the 12th month I realised the magical tune the notes DEC made and so started a lullaby to all babies born around this time each of them a magical December Child
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    DarleneLove RockAndRollHallOfFame NightOfPeace JanPulsford SethGlassman Christmas
    • janakyomoon Day 15 WoRDS 4 WiNTeR FeSTiVaLS 2010 - Night of Peace you often hear about overnight success - over the years i've met a lot of people who leaped into music with stars in their eyes like it was going to take six weeks before they became the next big thing . . six months later their despondency starts to show, six years later they are tending or propping up a bar somewhere with stories about how they were wronged by the music biz . . and then you get the survival stories . . visit the world of darlene love newest member of the rock and roll hall of fame who has been belting it out for over 50 years and still going strong - what an inspiration! she recorded one of my favourite songs " Night of Peace" - written on a cold christmas day back in 2000 . . i still remember being alone in my cold studio in Tennessee - seth had sent me some lyrics and i sat down at the piano and started crafting it . . the next year Happy Charles recorded it on his "xmas dream" album and then a few years later Darlene Love on her "it's Xmas of course" album beautifully produced by Kevin Killen . . it was the last track and just goes to show that songs like musicians and performers all have a life and a day to shine . . so here's to the survivors who know that overnight success usually takes a lifetime welcome to the rock and roll hall of fame
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    • janakyomoon Day 6 WoRDS 4 WiNTeR FeSTiVaLS 2010 - CoLD FRoSTY MoRNiNG Coldness and frostiness whiteness and ice When the morning chill cuts like a knife with dulcimer strings strummed left and right it's a cold and frosty morning jan pulsford 2010