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    • nottspolice Students are being urged to lock up their rooms in halls of residences and student homes as they embark on a new academic year in Nottingham. Crime Reduction Manager Dave Bagshaw has been interviewed by Emma Lautman at URN, The University of Nottingham's student radio station, to advise students how they can keep themselves safe throughout the academic year. Nottinghamshire Police is working with the University of Nottingham and Nottingham Trent University to hammer home property security and personal safety advice and reduce burglaries. As part of a ‘Welcome Weekend’, high visibility officers, university staff and volunteers, will be patrolling streets this weekend (September 18 and 19), speaking with students and handing out crime prevention advice. Officers will also be looking for insecurities, such as unlocked doors and open windows, and advising residents to keep them closed. Over the next few weeks, police will visit both of the universities’ freshers’ fairs to speak with students about securing their homes and personal safety. Students will be offered free SmartWater – a property marking liquid - and given free registration to the Immobilise database, which allows stolen property to be registered and easily returned to its rightful owner if it is stolen in a burglary and later recovered by police. Local Safer Neighbourhood Inspector Anwaar Ahmed said: “A large proportion of burglaries committed against students happen because doors are left unlocked and windows are left open. “Officers will be looking for these insecurities and speaking with students, to ensure they can minimise the chance of becoming a victim of crime and losing expensive items. “I advise all students to lock all doors and windows, even if you are in the house, and keep valuable property hidden well away from peering eyes." Since 2003, police and partners have been running Operation Country – an initiative tackling burglary in Lenton, Radford and Canning Circus. In this time, the number of student burglaries has steadily fallen and between 2007/08 and 2008/09 there was a 59 per cent fall in break-ins. Throughout the academic year, police analyse intelligence to identify vulnerable areas and use both overt and covert tactics to deter burglaries taking place and catch offenders. Insp Ahmed added: “The public and student population can rest assured we will use all the tools in our box to deter and apprehend offenders. “And those who set out to break into properties and steal from others should understand they are being watched and we will not rest in our pursuit of you.” Nottingham University’s ‘Love Your Stuff’ bike will be out and about over the next few weeks advertising crime prevention and signposting students to, which promotes student safety and crime prevention. Melanie Futer, Off-Campus Student Affairs Manager at the University of Nottingham, said: "Most burglars are opportunists, and a third of burglaries occurring are through insecurities such as open doors and windows. "We're hoping that by offering some simple advice, we can help more students to take responsibility for their possessions and make sure they don't give burglars any chances.” You can hear the interview on URN's The Pulse show on Saturday 25 September at
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    • TWDigitalMedia This is absolutley brilliant and all to accurate from a forest fans point of view!
    • Audioboo I've added some tags to your boo to make it easier for people to find. The more info that you put in the title and tags to let people know what it is that's being talked about, the more likely it is that people will listen and share it! :) #TopTip Kate
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    • nottspolice Nottinghamshire Police has teamed up with Nottingham Trent University's Centre for Broadcasting and Journalism to produce a new series of videos and audio reports documenting policing issues and events across the county. Students who are studying Broadcast Journalism are invited into the force to get an insight into the work of Nottinghamshire Police and build relationships with officers and staff across the organisation. The content they record and the resulting news packages, for television and radio, will be added to the students' portfolios to demonstrate the work they have completed as part of their course. The university has agreed that Nottinghamshire Police can publish the students' work on our website and social media channels, including YouTube and AudioBoo. In the first video in the series, Laurence Kennedy and Douglas Easton report on a local Brownie pack's visit to force headquarters and how the girls are learning about the work of the police and valuable lessons about keeping safe. They speak to the 8th Hucknall Brownies' Brown Owl Helen Ridley, who also works for Nottinghamshire Police, and ACC Paul Broadbent, who presented the girls with their well deserved crime prevention badges. To see a video of the visit, produced by the students, visit For more policing news and information visit To find out more about Nottingham Trent University's Centre for Broadcasting and Journalism visit Follow Nottinghamshire Police on Twitter at Become a fan on Facebook