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    • slandi Hey Simon and all, I was going to do an AudioBoo, but my throat is rather sore at the moment, so I'll just type this out. OK, so I got curious and checked IODA Promonets terms of use and sure enough, in section 2 Limited Promotional License it clearly states that permission is granted to the Podcaster I.E. the Poet who originally had used the song material in their video, a license to use the song as long as... and here I believe is the clincher, it is solely distributed from the URL mentioned in the application to the IODA Promonet. So, say the videographer/poet who put together the video with the music submitted their Youtube account orwhatever URL they used to distribute the original video and then it appeared on your Youtube channel, bingo, it's a violation of the agreement and therefore IODA would be correct in saying that it was a copyright infringement. You're right about Youtube, they should have granted a few days for you to contact IODA and perhaps going through the proper channels, get the proper rights to use song on your Youtube URL specifically. Anyhow, here is the link to the terms and conditions for IODA Promonet, it's a rather dry read, but It might clarify some points. Stefano
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    I put this together for the first day of AudioMo 2014. With the aid, but not the knowledge of, some of the people I follow on...
    • topgold Your #audiomo contributions this year are like fine long-cured wine.
    • mcfontaine i'll let you off Slandi :)
    • slandi Right, so your daft friend finally figured it out...Oh Kermit would be so ashamed...(facepalm) This was very very cool and I think should be the new opening theme for launching Audiomo!
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    After listening to the last Business Jazz podcast, I wanted to say thank you... . . Business Jazz – 8th August 2013 – Hitting the...
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    • omaniblog Rich, Listening to your podcast in Cork on Friday afternoon... Thank you very much. So much more I'd like to say in gratitude...
    • RogerOverall Thank you so much, Rich. What a terrific thing to get. Such wonderful feedback.
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    audiomo omaniblog why podcast?
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    • NickHollowayVox Beaut. "I have a lot to be thankful for; my friends, my family, and of late my new found friends on Audioboo. Many people don't understand, "How can you form friendships and somewhat of a relationship without ever meeting people?". You listen to people, you listen to them talk, sometimes they pour out their innermost feelings and are just reaching out to other human beings. That's important. I don't think people do that enough. Many of the other platforms out there they don't lend themselves to that kind of connection, the way the recorded voice does... the kind of mundane stuff, that sill can be intersting, because it's a peek into someone else's life and expands your own life and makes you think outside of the little cubicle that we either live or work in, it helps us get out of that shell. It's bewidlering that several thousand kilometres away are people that I want to listen to and I want to hear what they're doing with their lives, I care about how their children are doing and want to find out more about them. Isn't that interesting? Isn't it strange that we can connect with people who are thousands of kilometres away, more that people who are right next door? And not only that but we sometimes know more about them, and feel a certain connection and similarities. It's amazing."
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    Thank you to our great users, Pilgrimchris, DeanRead, PhilSorrel, Omaniblog, NickHollowayVox, Cheyenesmom and everyone else. We have...
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    • PilgrimChris Ah Delores! What can I say? Thanks for the shout out, but more importantly thanks for making @audioboo so human! I have my own difficulties with boo'ing, or more specifically, with listening to and responding to boos, that are well documented. However, the fact that there is always someone willing to listen either on the phone or responding through a boo and willing to help keeps me glued to audioboo. Your own boos are always well worth listening to and your enthusiasm for the company you work for shines through your boos - @audioboo are lucky to have you on board! Love you guys and gals :)
    • omaniblog Delores, this audio you've made is so human - you live the brand - what the company is - so engagingly, so generously - I sit here in Glanmire Cork on Saturday night as rain begins to patter on slates - loving your voice - feeling so fortunate we belong in this together.
    • DaylightGambler Thanks for the mention Delores! I am completely addicted to this fantastic, warm and friendly community even after such a short time.
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    child daughter Donegal elephant family father flying mother omaniblog omanidot omanimot story storytelling TakingTurns
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    • valy It is clear that the art of story telling runs in the family! - absolutely adorable, really enjoyed listening to your audioboo once more Paul!
    • Sair Fabulous! :-D
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    Listen to @omaniblog's boo (below) entitled 'Why Irish Love Alcohol So Much' alcohol booze #FeBOOary Irish omaniblog Sair SOLOSAIR...
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    This is the final part of a Business Jazz recording made on 18th September 2012. Should you wish, you can find the conversations...
    • omaniblog Your manifesto...
    • omaniblog Call-to-action matters...
    • omaniblog "Start With Why" by Simon Sinek
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    No 8 of a series of podcasts. This is part of a social experiment in social engaging via Twitter, Facebook, Audioboo, Instagram. ...
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    britesprite omaniblog omanidot omanitot Sair SOLOSAIR GoodFriday2012
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    Sitting in silence to listen to a wonderful man, and friend, that is Paul O'Mahony. ...... audioboo omaniblog paulomahony wonderful...
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    Pocket Wavepad iPhone app @sassycat passed her commercial vehicle driving test - congrats Boo-ing in the shower - a new Audioboo trend?...
    • Sair I decided to stick with audioboo iphone app for this one.
    • sm2n You're welcome! Did you record this boo using WavePad?
    • Sair I have used Audacity for some time for listening to Beatles isolation MOGG files. It's such fun!! I have the vuze torrent file if you are interested in mixing/isolating Beatles tracks too :-)
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    No 14 of a series of podcasts. This is part of a social experiment in social engaging via Twitter, Facebook, Audioboo, Instagram. ...
    • omaniblog Apologies for the quality of the start of the podcast : the music was very loud & I got too close to the loud speakers - it gets much better later
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