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    • omaniblog Thanks Jonathan. Maybe if more of us admitted that we needed encouragement and made that clear to others - it might increase the amount of encouraging that goes on. - rather than enccouragment happening by accident...
    • jonathangrimes Very nicely put Paul. It's true - we all need encouragement.
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    Written in Moleskine Notebook on Saturday 19 May in Falls Hotel, Ennistymon during performance by poet at the Dylan Thomas Weekend...
    • dzakyem I wanted to tell Donald a very large and elaborate thank you, but I really mustn't forget to say a simple THANK YOU first! I am playing the poem to my students today. I am eager to see my students' reactions... I was astounded by the elaborate answer to my question, and I loved it. Thank you @omaniblog, and a huge THANK YOU to Donal O'Siodhachain! I have just seen another poem, this time obviously a funny poem by him on your timeline @omaniblog ... Have a splendid day both of you!
    • omaniblog Hi, Greetings from Ireland ! In regards to Paul's poem, here is some background and context as I am the poet that he composed the poem for. I hope that you will find it of some assistance. In Gaelic Culture there are five traditional performed arts, poetry, music, storytelling, song and dance ( listed in order of importance ). Traditional poetry is performed as a singer would a song, it is very much centered on the power of the declaimed and proclaimed word, a conventional poetry reading is much constrained and a very pale comparison. Some years back I was All Ireland Champion Poet For Live Performance Poetry and I have been one of the few Celtic poets who have taken this traditional style of poetry into mainstream poetry and got an audience for it there. I have also won several awards for poems in mainstream poetry with poems that could equally well be accepted for performance in Traditional poetry circles. In short it would seem that I have succeeded in merging both Traditional and Mainstream poetry in a way acceptable to both Art Forms. The great Sir Walter Scott also did this towards the end of the 1700's His great service to the evolving English Language was that he was able to take themes, rhymes and rhythms from the Gaelic Language and use these as they would have been used in Gaelic poetry in particular, but in the English language. In doing so he considerably enriched, cross fertilizes and enhanced the poetic expressive capacity of the English language of 200 years ago. In my lecture I covered these areas and theme of Gaelic Ethos and structures into English using Scott as among the first and finest example. Among the principle themes of Celtic Poetry honored above all are 'The deed of 'Gaisce' ( bravery, valor, courage etc) Romance and 'Other World', that to do with the spirit, unseen but never the less ever present and always felt world, of which the 'fair world' is a constituent and significant part. Scott's poem that I performed has the deed of bravery : sailors are pleaded with and against their better judgment, carry a young woman home across a stretch of ocean between two headlands in a storm. It has romance : the young woman is in love with a Lord and is fearful he will take up with some other young woman at her parents castle ball if she is not there to get and keep him. It has tragedy : the ship and all in it are lost including the young woman. It has the weird, supernatural element in that on the death of the princess, the near spiritual realm are convulsed and these disturbances manifest in the physical world. It is a very powerful, emotive poem and one which when performed by a Bardic poet in the traditional way, is capable of also projecting and releasing all the emotion encapsulated in the poem in a way that say Wagner can do with a powerful piece of music. I know Paul for some years now, he has both a love for and an appreciation of this kind of poetry. He was one of those who responded to the emotion and the rhythms of Scott as I was performing the poem and as to the poem that he composed, while my performance is the subject matter, it is really an articulation of the emotions invoke in him by that fine poet Sir Walter Scott of two hundred years ago. Thank you for your interest and response : teaching is a noble profession and I hope that you will find this useful to you. Following are two of Scott's poems, first the one Paul responded to and the other chosen for its pulse beat. The pulse beat is in fact that of a rutting stag, a copulating man etc and for a Celtic ethos that celebrated life and procreation, this was Divine energy manifesting and the very act of creation itself manafesting in the material world. This pulse beat, because of this, is frequently encountered in Gaelic poetry, in poetry translated from the Gaelic and in the English Language having migrated or been imported from the Gaelic. ( If you do not already know, 'poem hunter' is a very useful utility for poem locating in the English Language) Slan is beannacht, ( health and a blessing) Donal O'Siodhachain. ( Daniel Sheehan)
    • omaniblog dzakyem - your words are wonderful - thank you very much. Donal has send you a reply...
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    • eirepreneur I might be wrong Paul but I think Frank Hannigan isn't behind Irish Debate but was a guest on a recent 'show'. @joegarde aka @onlinemeetingrooms is the founder AFAIK. As for SocialBits I'm one of the team and yes Mark Cahill is the founder. We don't as yet provide a tool as such for tracking social networks but we do social media training and consulting. So please let me know if you require any other information on that. By the way Ning recently started charging for basic access. I'm really enjoying observing the #transformcork stream and look forward to chatting with you about it in detail. I don't know if we could ever get similar momentum behind a #transformlimerick but the city certainly needs one IMHO. Finally, it sounds like the Radisson Blu is a good location for meeting you next time I'm in Cork?
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    • macolgan Thoroughly enjoyed the boo Paul. Great to hear all talking about the man and how the museum was originated etc. .. and the rules of corporal punishment lol. great stuff Omaniblog and associates :)
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