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    No sleep this afternoon. Sair SOLOSAIR
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    SOLOSAIR Sair breakdown work sick stress
    • Sair Thanks Mac. I tried my best to be understood but guess I failed because of the complex nature of my illness. Thanks for the compliments about my not-so-pure Teesside accent.
    • macolgan Sounds like you go through some hard times :( which most of us probably dont understand ! ..... but ... it is good to hear you back on audioboo again, and that lovely accent :)
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    Octaver @audioboo community music month Day 31 Bonus - Just a bit of fun for Halloween ----------------- I Want To Bite Your Hand - A...
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    Customising my new macbook pro so it feels comfy for me. :-) Sair SOLOSAIR
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    scream loud tennis Azarenka SerenaWilliams VictoriaAzarenka Wimbledon Sair SOLOSAIR
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    tennis SecondRound Wimbledon McEnroe AndyMurray ErnestsGulbis Sair SOLOSAIR
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    buses Sair SOLOSAIR
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    britesprite omaniblog omanidot omanitot Sair SOLOSAIR GoodFriday2012
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    anger pain PoorService buses crying StagecoachTeesside Sair SOLOSAIR
    • Sair Thank you both, Mark nd Cheeki72 for your love and concern. It's much appreciated. :-)
    • CheeChee_A_Nam Hi Sair, I've just come across your boo's, and I know its belated but my heart completly went out to you here, I've totally been in that position before and its no fun thats for sure. I felt so sorry for you, here's a huge belated virtual hug. x
    • markmarcus Sair, I just want you to know that my heart wept with you as I listened to your lovely voice. I would have given anything to be there with you in order to provide some measure of comfort. I admire your courage in sharing this with us. Mark Marcus
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    lonely blogging tweeting friends chat chatroom cam CamChat down unhappy depressed BooIng Sair SOLOSAIR
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    • Delores I have put this piece together and I will be putting it in, it may have a bit of tweaking so I hope you like it. I realized after I put it together that we were nearly repeating the same words. I hope you are fine
    • Sair Thank you Delores. I believe I heard your "lonely" boo today on a followed boos iTunes playlist and sympathised immediately. I didn't realise until reading your comment here that you were the same person - if you know what I mean. xx
    • Delores I thought you might like to know that I have put together a peice with you and I talking which I will put in for one of my assignments, it is really good and as soon as I have completed it properly I will let you hear it. My lecturer loved it, we love you. Hope you are ok Delores xxxxxxx
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    FeBOOary SOLOSAIR Sair FinalDay @sawyergb
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    Octaver @audioboo community music month. Day 21 - Favourite Place to Buy Music ------------- Listen To What The Man Said (Live version...
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    • omaniblog Lovely picture - evokes an age - inspires me to copy your arrangement
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    EaseOfUse joomla pewari posterous Sair security slandi
    • sm2n If akrabat ever walked out on you he'd be a fool.
    • Pewari Yep, got the argument about hosted vs self-hosted, but I think for many non-techies, self-hosted is a huge hurdle. Paying a company is the next best security because they have an income stream (posterous didn't). Given that she's paying for a WordPress hosted blog, then an easier system hosted blog isn't much more of a difference. I agree that it's ideal to keep hold of it yourself (after all, my blog is a self-hosted WordPress blog). But I find WP really annoying now - especially with updating constantly and too much of a faff to post to. I use my Tumblr blog far more. If I cared enough about the content I could get a backup (I don't because I can't be arsed). In reality, someone without a resident techie can't and won't install that wordpress install somewhere else and they just want to get on and post stuff. Also if you're relying on another techie to do it for you, what happens when they no longer want to help you either? If akrabat ever walks out on me, I'm stuffed with our whole techie set up here ;)
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    A very tired Sair waffles on about the discontinuance of MobileMe, necessitating a move of files and website. Boooo!!! ...
    • sm2n I've tried and tried to sign the petition but it never works. I've tried this on the latest versions of Safari, Firefox and even Internet Explorer. But it just doesn't work. Sorry.
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    storm thunder mojo909 mojofilter Sair SOLOSAIR
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    sorry apologies sincere Sair SOLOSAIR
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    housework paperwork mess sad depressed postponed ignored lazy Sair SOLOSAIR
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    accent Black73Cat boos channel private Sair SOLOSAIR
    • Black73Cat Hehe! Good question, my accent is very varied. As a bit of an explanation, here we go...Born SUNDERLAND, moved to Northumberland (Ponteland) aged 7 til 16 then to Bournemouth, then joined RAF and lived in Lincolnshire, South Wales then 8 years in rural Oxfordshire. Not only living in other areas but living with people with lots of different accents. Then moved to Nottinghamshire where I still live. I am the type of person who picks up accents very easily (i think there's a medical type name for it?) My Mam was born in Stockton (where my Grandad is from) and she grew up in Hartlepool (Seaton Carew) My Dad is from Co Durham (Seaham.) The only real contact that I still have in the NE are my Cousins and Uncle/Aunty who still live in Hartlepool. There you go, I could have given you the short answer but decided to bore you to tears instead! :-) Right, I'm just going to go and bash my head off a wall in an attempt to ease the pain of being told that I sound " a bit Ge***ie!" <shudders> Lived all over but will always be proud to call myself a MACKEM! :-) Cheers. Graeme.
    • sm2n I enjoy your boos, so please don't go private.
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    Sair SOLOSAIR FeBOOary @sawyergb Audioboo BooDates Audioboo FeBOOary Sair SOLOSAIR BooDates @stephenfry Audioboo FeBOOary XXXX XXXXXXXX...
    • Sair I found the exact date of my first boo by downloading the audio file by right clicking the download link, then right clicking the file on my mac and choosing get info. It says created Friday, 24 April 2009 05:47
    • Sair ...... on *every* page a boo is viewed
    • Sair Well I'm talking specifically about the website. For instance I dislike this boo stating a vague "two days ago" - I need exact *dates*
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