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    My Nationalist Pony guy urges everyone to adopt the societal structure of the xenophobic and insular community of Ponyville urgent
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    help urgent pongies
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    Another 'gridlock' day on the roads around the Forth Road Bridge. Forth road bridge congestion gridlock new bridge urgent
    • macolgan Oh - I agree with you totally on that ;) But then that's never going to happen - in any near future anyway ! Take a look at the Edinburgh trams as example - massive overspend, disruption and mess - and still not 'proven' ! Looking fwd to your boo ;)
    • iomadh I will have to fundamentally disagree with you on this, as you might imagine - will give it a full boo but it is a well known fact that increasing road capacity only leads to more traffic - better spending the money on sustainable and public transport, getting people out of their cars for the commute and leaving the roads freer and quieter for day trips like yourself. But an actual boo on the subject is needed to get my point across I think.
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    English Spotlight Urgent WordOfTheDay
    • SpotlightRadio Read along: Hi, I’m Colin Lowther bringing you Spotlight’s word of the day. Today’s word is URGENT. This word comes from today’s program, WAR PIGEONS. The word URGENT is a ADJECTIVE. It means “needing an immediate decision or action.” Here’s URGENT in a sentence from today’s program: “GI Joe had to deliver the message – it was urgent.” Join us next week for another Spotlight word of the day!
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    Feb17 HumanitarianAid Libya Nafusa NATO Urgent Yefren Gaddafi AlQala
    • ShababLibya A member of our group on the ground in Yefren, today Monday the 23rd of May at about 23:00 hrs Libyan time has provided us with the following urgent message to communicate to the world: TRANSLATION: Armed Gadaffi forces have been positioned in the same locations across Yefren for the past month and twenty days. However, during the last 48 hrs there has been a vast increase in their numbers allowing them to take control of more positions including small vallies and positions on hills thereby blocking the peoples walkway which they have been depended on to access the very basic necessities (Food and Water). These necassities in themselves are scarce and to cut this off will only speed up the process of starvation. He also added that it is evident that the ultimate goal of the Gaddafi Forces is to completely destroy the city and all those residing in it.
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    action AmnestyInternational DeathPenalty difference injustice justice TroyDavis urgent voice clemency
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