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    • andymooseman Gary: I've never had the "success" that you've had Gary, but i do know what you mean. I'm still constantly amazed that people will listen to, or read my ramblings & actually enjoy them, or get something otu of them. That certainly helps to drive you on & keeps you doing it. Yes, it does feel a little like fame. but, at least we're being "famous" for the right reasons & are pretty much in control of it. I'm not sure i'd want to be a part of "The Fame Monster" that affects some people.
    • anakin1814 I think if you spend any amount of time creating an internet presence, that can feel an odd bit like your 15 minutes, can't it? I mean, how do you judge it. Back when i had a blog (long before YouTube), I would get a few thousand hits a month....that was mind boggling! Then of course, I got featured on YT--that videos up to over 150.000 views. Crazy! It all feels a bit like fame, doesn't it?
    • andymooseman Ken: Yes it's a bit like those bands who were "Big in Japan" ;)
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