Faulty Fire Alarm Boo

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over 2 years ago, Stockton-on-Tees, England

Thanks for your concern Rich - appreciated. The key tag word here is work. It was at work and was quickly dealt with by an expert - thank goodness!

Sair over 2 years ago


Hmmmmm...is the fire alarm in the kitchen area? If so it might be picking up particles in it's sensor unit. There could be a bug or dust also on the alarm sensor inside the box. Also, how old is the Fire Alarm box unit? If it's more the 8-10 years old it might need replacing. I know that these faulty fire alarms can be an annoyance but the importance can't be stressed enough that they are a line of defence in protecting us from the dangers of smoke & fire. Fire alarms do save live which I've seen first hand. Have a good one today Sair. : )

FiremanRich over 2 years ago