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    snooker nap drink CamChat Stickam Holsten Sair SOLOSAIR
    • Sair Thanks for your comment artpunk. My Dad first got me into snooker by teaching me the rules watching Pot Black in the early 70s. Ted Lowe didn't say much and the quietness of his voice could've soothed anyone into sleep. :)
    • artpunk It's interesting that you should have the snooker/sleep dilemma - my father used to suffer from insomnia and he said one of the tried and true means of getting to sleep was to watch 'Pot Black' - I think 'whispering' Ted Lowe's voice would sooth him into nigh-nigh land! (Televised golf used to do that for him too)
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    love tease chat ChatRoom webcam video camchat cam FreeYaychat
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    • YAYchat Come for a tease in the "Love Chat Room" link:
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    lonely blogging tweeting friends chat chatroom cam CamChat down unhappy depressed BooIng Sair SOLOSAIR
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    • Delores I have put this piece together and I will be putting it in, it may have a bit of tweaking so I hope you like it. I realized after I put it together that we were nearly repeating the same words. I hope you are fine
    • Sair Thank you Delores. I believe I heard your "lonely" boo today on a followed boos iTunes playlist and sympathised immediately. I didn't realise until reading your comment here that you were the same person - if you know what I mean. xx
    • Delores I thought you might like to know that I have put together a peice with you and I talking which I will put in for one of my assignments, it is really good and as soon as I have completed it properly I will let you hear it. My lecturer loved it, we love you. Hope you are ok Delores xxxxxxx
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    hankandjim stickam HttpWwwStickamComHandandjim drunk chat cam CamChat Sair SOLOSAIR
    • Sair I'm the one on cam near the top with the England flag and time in top right corner. You will find me at at about 8pm EST Friday night (1am Saturday morning my time GMT). Join us! Lots of fun and good, good music. :-)
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    CamChat work cooking shopping Stickam Dee ColtSeavers JellyBabies KitKatChunky Sair SOLOSAIR
    • ColtSeavers Cheers Sair, really nice to get your message. I'll try and keep the geek jibber down :P It tends to be where my mind wanders off to ;) I'm sure many of us can relate to you re online time and how it can affect your 'everyday'. Good to have a reminder of this once in a while and to keep it in check - at least you see it in yourself.